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Waterbirth Kit Rentals

Have questions about waterbirth kit rentals?  We have lots of experience - and lots of answers!


What birthing pools do you offer in your rental kits?
Our kits include two sizes of pools, both by Birth Pool in a Box.  The dimensions of the Mini are 65"x57", it's 26" tall and has a max water depth of 22".  The Regular is 76"x65", it's 27" tall and has a max water depth of 23".  (To help you visualize the size, a queen sized bed is 60"x80")

Both sizes have a seat, six handles and a cupholder.  These are seriously nice pools!

If you are doing the "just the pool" option or are having a pool delivered for an on-call setup, these are La Bassine regular sized pools.  They are 65"x55"x30".

How are the pools cleaned?

Your safety is our top priority!  We developed our protocols based on hospital sanitation guidelines, and we continually review and update to ensure that we're using best practices.  You can read more about our cleaning protocols here:

Cleaning and Sanitation Policy


How long is the rental period?
From the time you get the kit until your baby is born - whenever that may be.  We ask that you return the pool within 72 hours of the birth so that we can clean it and get it ready for the next family.  If you are using our delivery service, the rental period begins when at 37 weeks and extends to 41 weeks, with a complimentary extension to 42 weeks if you notify us that your baby has not yet been born.

If you are doing the "just the pool" option, the rental period is 30 days.  Extensions beyond 30 days are an additional $15 per week or portion of a week.

When should I make my reservation?
No later than 36 weeks, although we can usually accommodate last minute requests.  If you reserve a tub kit by 36 weeks, we guarantee that we will have one available for you beginning at 38 weeks.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations done before 37 weeks: we will refund all but a $25 administrative fee.

Rental kits cancelled after 37 weeks or returned without being used: these may be eligible for up to a $75 refund, so long as the kit contents are completely unused and remain in the original manufacturer's packaging.  If any part of the kit is used, no refund will be given.

For on-call setups: we go on call to set up your pool beginning at 37 weeks.  If you cancel before 37 weeks, we will refund all but a $25 administrative fee.  Beginning at 37 weeks, half of the fee is our on call fee for going on call to attend your birth and is no longer refundable; the other half is refundable if you need to cancel without using our services.  Once you call for us to set up your pool, no portion of our fee is refundable, regardless of whether or not you are able to labor/birth in the pool.

Can we rent the pool for a hospital birth?
Absolutely!  As long as you meet your care provider’s guidelines for water birth, we’re delighted to provide a tub for use in the hospital.  Some of the hospitals that we've served are Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas; Baylor Irving; and Baylor All Saints Ft. Worth, Harris Southwest Ft. Worth, and Harris Methodist in Downtown Ft. Worth.  We're hoping to serve Clements Hospital in Dallas very soon!

How long does it take to set up the pool?  To take it down?
At our house, which has average city water pressure, we can fill the smaller pool with air and water in about thirty minutes.  The larger pools take closer to an hour since they hold almost twice as much water.  It takes about the same amount of time to drain the pool and take it down.

Is birth pool rental covered by insurance?  FSA?  HSA?
We have had clients successfully reimbursed by their insurance for the cost of the pool rental.  Birth pool rentals are eligible for reimbursement from your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or your Health Savings Account (HSA), and we do accept HSA debit or credit cards.  We're also eligible for reimbursement from Samaritan Ministries and are happy to help you seek reimbursement from other Christian health sharing plans.

What happens if I lose or break something?
We reserve the right to bill you the actual replacement cost of the item.

How hard is it to connect the pool to our sink or shower?
Not hard at all.  The kit includes connectors that work in virtually every home.  If you find that they don’t fit in your home, we promise to find one that does.


Should I clean the pool before I return it?
No.  That’s part of our service.  Snuggle your baby and let us take care of the cleanup!

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