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Supplies for Houston Midwives

Supplies for Houston

Supplies for Houston Midwives

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Supplies for Houston Midwives.png

Supplies for Houston Midwives


Maryn here:

I have been talking with Darlene Scrivner, owner of BioBirth, who is the person responding to the Greater Houston Midwives Alliance messages right now.  Because her birth center is thankfully not flooded, she is a collection point for supplies for midwives and families to be distributed throughout Houston.

The one thing she said that they are in great need of right now is birth kits - the supplies needed to have a home or birth center birth.  The wholesale cost to purchase the supplies for an emergency birth kit is about $10.  Our family is assembling the kits and my husband and his coworkers are delivering them to the birth center in Houston.  

They also have other needs like receiving blankets, diapers, and baby socks.

If you would like to make a donation toward the cost of the kits and other supplies that the Houston midwives need, we will ensure that everything is delivered directly to them.  

If you prefer to drop off items, you may do so at our office: 556 S. Coppell Rd., ste 102, Coppell, TX 75019 - please call me at 844-752-2682 to let me know if you're coming by.

We will keep our Facebook page updated with info on the donations and the deliveries.  

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