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Your waterbirth, our pools.  Convenient, comprehensive birthing pool sales & rentals.  La Bassine & Birth Pool in a Box.

Birth Pool Rental- Texas Health Dallas


Need to rent a birthing pool and all of the accessories to have an amazing waterbirth?  Get your supplies here!

Every rental kit comes with a NEW drinking water quality hose. We never send a hose that has been used at another families' birth! This is very important in order to prevent contamination of the water that your baby is born into. 

Birth Pool Rental- Texas Health Dallas


Birth Pool Rental- Texas Health Dallas

from 300.00

This item is exclusively for the customers who plan to birth at Texas Health Dallas. Your pool rental kit and accessories will be delivered to your house (shipping fees apply at checkout), you will take it to the hospital for use during labor. 

Regular sized pool, perfect for your waterbirth.

This pool has a cocoon/oblong shape, allowing for water deep enough to cover the birthing person in any position! With an inflatable floor, the La Bassine provides added comfort in the hands and knees position. 

External dimensions: 65" x 53" x 30"

Internal dimensions: 50" x 38" x 26"

8" wide rim, perfect to lean on

Holds 118 gallons at 80% full

This is the lightest weight, most compactly sized birthing pool on the market.  This pool is perfect for a small space or for a woman who wants to get in the pool quickly, as it fills in about 25 minutes (with average city water pressure).

This pool also fits in hospital rooms at Texas Health Dallas. At 30" tall, this pool is also easy for care providers to reach into when it's time to monitor mom or baby.

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