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Waterbirth Blog

Texas' Waterbirth Guidelines

Maryn Taylor

Recently, the Texas Midwifery Board formed a working group to create guidelines for waterbirth in Texas.  Last night, I spoke at the monthly meeting of the Tarrant County Birth Network about the new guidelines.  

A few highlights from the guidelines:

  • Suggested pools are the inflatable, reusable pools like La Bassine and Birth Pool in a Box; disposable single use pools like the Passages; or a pipeless recirculating system like SaniJet.  
  • It's not suggested to use a Jacuzzi-type tub with recirculating water, as the piping can't be adequately cleaned for birth.
  • Fill the pool under the direction of a midwife.  (So glad they put this in the guidelines - it's something my team always tells our clients, but sometimes isn't followed.  I recently went to a house where the pool was inflated before the mother was in labor and their cat was napping in the bottom of it.  Leave everything sealed and wait until your midwife tells you to inflate it!)
  • Run water from the tap for three minutes before beginning to fill.
  • If the pool is filled for longer than six hours, you should drain and refill with a clean liner.

Complete text of the guidelines is posted here: