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Two Questions

Maryn Taylor

When people ask which pool to choose for their birth, I ask two questions:

1.  Who's your midwife or doctor?

2.  Where do you want to put it?

If you call to rent, one of the first questions you'll be asked is "Who is your midwife or doctor?"  Some of the midwives have a specific preference and so we always send their clients that specific pool.  If you have a physician and are planning a hospital birth, the smaller pool (La Bassine or Passages) fits in hospital rooms better. 

Next question is where do you want to put the pool?   Some people have an idea about where they want to put it already, so we talk about how big that area is to figure out which pool will fit best.  With our older son, we put a Birth Pool in a Box (the larger size that we carry) in our living room, but with our youngest I knew I wanted a pool that would fit in our master bedroom so I chose the smaller La Bassine.  

All the pools we carry have inflatable floors and sides, and they all are great options - it's just about choosing the one that will be perfect for your birth!