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Let's partner!

Maryn Taylor


Maybe you're a midwife.  Cleaning pools after an all night birth is not really high on your list of things you'd like to be doing.

Maybe you're a doula.  You'd like an opportunity for some additional revenue in your practice, but the start-up expenses of a birth pool kit are prohibitive.

Maybe you're a birth advocate.  You labored in water, you think everyone should have that opportunity, and you're looking for a way to stay connected to the local community of birthing women and midwives.

Maybe you're a chiropractor.  You like to have a tub available for your pregnant patients to pick up at your office - one less stop for them to have to make to prepare for their birth.

All of these are great opportunities to partner with us or to join our team.  Whether you have a pool or not, whether your goal is to rent more pools or to have someone else handle pools for you, we have a partnership option that will work for you.

We're actively seeking partners to expand our network of rental locations.  I'd love to talk with you - please email me via the Work With Us link above or give me a call.