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Whatever pool you choose, just get a pool.

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Whatever pool you choose, just get a pool.

Maryn Taylor

Last week, a doula wrote a blog called Don't Rent a Birth Pool.  I'm seeing this post shared around on Facebook and several of my friends have emailed me a link to the post.  

The author has added a caveat below the post that you should look into the backgrounds of the commenters, as some of them profit from renting birth pools.  

Let me say this so we're all clear: I profit from renting birth pools.

I do this work because a group of midwives and doulas asked me if I would.  Every one of them had a story about scrambling to find pool parts at the very last minute and they were tired of it.  My own husband went to Home Depot twice while I was in labor with my youngest.  (Steve and I joke that our motto should be "Buoyant Birth: Because No Dad Belongs At Home Depot During Labor.")

I'm really proud of our kits.  We have worked diligently to source quality parts, to develop a detailed cleaning protocol, and to make things as easy as possible for families.  

Whatever pool you choose, just get a pool.

I am always going to guide families toward an actual birth pool - their depth of water just can't be matched by a bathtub or a kiddie pool - but the big thing is to just get a pool.  Water is such an amazing tool for pain management during labor and I want every woman to have it available when she needs it.

As always, if you have questions about our pools or about others, please give me a call or shoot me an email.