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Three Steps to Make Pool Setup Easy

Waterbirth Blog

Three Steps to Make Pool Setup Easy

Maryn Taylor

Here are three things that I often suggest to make sure your pool goes up easily on the Big Day:

1.  Turn your water heater up.  (If you have small kids, you may want to wait until Mom's in labor to do this so no one gets burned.)  Make sure you know how in advance - usually there's a panel to remove with a screwdriver, then insulation to pull out, then there's a dial behind it that turns up the temperature.  

2.  Test your connectors.  There are about eight million of those things at the hardware store, and it can be hard to know if you've gotten the right one.  It's also good to do a test run to make sure the aerator or shower head comes off, since hard water deposits can make them hard to unscrew.

If you're using our kits, there's one set of connectors for the sink and one for the shower.  Make sure you have tested to see how they fit - or if we deliver you're pool, we'll show you.

The other thing I've been seeing a lot lately is flow-restricted sink fixtures in kitchens.  Awesome for the environment, not so awesome for filling your birth pool.  If you take your sink sprayer off and notice that the opening inside is the diameter of a pencil, find another water source.  My favorite one to use is the shower - when you take the shower head off, the pipe to the wall is never flow restricted and it fills the pool really quickly.

3.  Clear a space.  Figure out where you are going to put the pool and make plenty of space for the pool and for your birth team.  Sometimes that means moving a piece of furniture, and it's better to do that in advance so you're all ready to go on Labor Day.

As always, if you have questions, give me a call or send me an email - I love to talk about pools!