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Postpartum wellness

Maryn Taylor

I am so glad to see the increase in frank, non-judgmental talk about postpartum mental health.  As I've shared before, I have an office in Grapevine that I share with Courtney Causey of Blue Anchor Counseling.  Her work is focused on women who are adjusting to the changes that come with a new baby.  In addition to her individual therapy practice, she also leads a group called Beyond the Blue that meets in Hurst at the offices of For Babies' Sake.  The first time I met Courtney, she spoke with such pride about the relationships that are developing in the group, and if you have a new baby (or a new-ish baby), I'd highly suggesting checking it out.

Another writer I greatly admire, and who I'm glad to know, is Naya Weber - otherwise known as Lactivist in Louboutons.  She recently wrote a blog discussing her own postpartum journey, and I think it's brilliant.  Read it here: #meditateonthis

My oldest was born in 2002, and I remember no conversation about how I felt mentally after she was born.  All of the care was focused on how my body was healing, and not how my life was changing or how I felt about those changes.  When my boys were born in 2011 and 2012, there was so much more discussion with my midwife and my doula about how I felt, and they encouraged me to focus on self-care and on my own mental health.  The change was so dramatic and as a result, I feel like I felt better physically and mentally afterwards than I did when my oldest was born.