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Call me on my shell phone...

Waterbirth Blog

Call me on my shell phone...

Maryn Taylor

I went to Tampa for a friend's birthday and we spent a day at the Salvador Dali Museum - he's the melting clock guy.  The source of endless jokes that day?  Dali's piece of art called Lobster Telephone.  See:

Of course, the timing could not have been better (worse?) with the Hotline song being so popular, so we joked about the Shell Phone all weekend.

Someone called this morning selling something and asked to speak to the owner or the CEO.  I laughed and said "you got both of them!"  That's one thing I love about this business - if you call, you will talk to one of the owners.  Usually me, but sometimes Steve will answer the phone.  (Occasionally one of my little boys will, and well, sorry about that...)  We're not a huge business, we're not a corporate conglomerate - we're family owned, operated, packed, answered, all of it!

We're moving into larger warehouse space and the landlord mentioned that we'd have to get our own janitorial service.  I laughed and said that he was looking at the janitorial service.  Seriously - we do all of these things ourselves in an effort to keep prices as low as possible for our customers, because we believe that waterbirth should be accessible and affordable for women who want it.

Stay tuned for details about the new space!  We'd outgrown what we had so we found something bigger, and I'm excited to get moved in and share some photos.  (There's been discussion of a little party to show off our space once our pools are settled in - and Taylor parties always mean champagne!)