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New rental options

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New rental options

Maryn Taylor

Today, we're rolling out some new options that are available on our rental form.  Previously, you had to add each option separately (like an extra liner) or if you wanted more than the 25' of hose that was standard, we had to do that as a separate manual transaction.  

Now, we've changed our form to provide all of those options in one place.  You'll see that you can now choose from 25' of lead-free hose as standard and included in the price of the rental, or upgrade to additional lengths of hose for an amount equal to the difference in price that we pay for the longer hoses.

Since we provide new hoses with each kit, you're welcome to keep the hose that is part of yours or you can send it back in your kit and we'll dispose of it.  

Another thing we hear frequently is that people want to do a trial run setting up the pool.  It's not necessary - it's very easy to set up and we provide detailed instructions - but if it's something you decide to do, please order a second liner.  The liners are clean and sealed inside the packaging, and you need a clean one for birth.