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Your waterbirth, our pools.  Convenient, comprehensive birthing pool sales & rentals.  La Bassine & Birth Pool in a Box.

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Considering offering birth pools to your clients?  Need supplies to keep on hand?  We'd love to talk to you about what we do and how we can work together.


Are you a midwife looking for a way to easily offer birth pools to your clients? Submit the form below or email with a list of supplies & your preferred choice of tub. We will be happy to create a one-stop-shop pool & custom supply order for your clients.  Provide your logo to help your clients easily find their kits! 


Consider partnering with us: draw on our extensive supply chain management background along with our ability to source birth pools and accessories directly from the manufacturer.  This allows us to obtain the best products for our reseller or rental partners at the best prices.

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